Exploring the World of Creativity: 23 Inspiring Hexagon Perler Bead Patterns

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Perler beads, also called fuse beads, are small plastic beads that can be arranged and fused to create stunning pixel art designs. Hexagons are one of the most popular shapes used in Perler bead projects, which adds a unique and dynamic element. This article showcases 23 inspiring hexagon Perler bead patterns that captivate your imagination and keep you entertained for hours.

1.Rainbow Hexagon Coasters:

Make a statement with a set of hexagon coasters in various colours. Create a striking addition to your home decor by experimenting with gradients, patterns, and colour combinations.

2.  Geometric Hexagon Wall Art:

Create an intricate geometric design using hexagon Perler beads. Create a visually stunning piece of wall art using different shapes and hues.

3. Floral Hexagon Keychain:

This hexagon keychain captures the beauty of flowers in a small and portable package. Create a charming accessory by experimenting with different petal shapes and colours.Honeycomb Hexagon Earrings:

Make a buzz with hexagon-shaped earrings that resemble honeycombs. Addition a touch of whimsy to your fashion is as easy as choosing a monochromatic palette or mixing complementary colours.

4. Mandala Hexagon Pendant:

A hexagon pendant embodies the meditative art of mandalas. Design intricate patterns within the hexagon shape for a unique piece of jewellery.

5. Animal Hexagon Magnets:

Make adorable animal magnets with hexagon Perler beads. Create a set of magnets featuring your favourite animals, like cats, dogs, or owls, to liven up your refrigerator.

6. Hexagon Wall Clock:

Replace the numerals on a plain wall clock with hexagon Perler beads. Make your personalized timepiece by experimenting with different sizes, colours, and arrangements.

7. Hexagon Mosaic Art:

Take your creativity to the next level with a hexagon mosaic art piece. By combining smaller hexagons in different colours, you can create visually striking artwork that will add depth and texture to any room.

8. Hexagon Jewelry Box:

With hexagon Perler beads, transform a plain wooden jewellery box into a work of art. You can create a beautiful and functional keepsake by experimenting with different colours and patterns on the box lid.

9. Hexagon Coaster Set:

Make a matching set of hexagon coasters in different patterns and colours. You can mix and match plan to create a cohesive and eye-catching set that will protect your surfaces in style.

10. Hexagon Dreamcatcher:

This wall art combines the mystical elements of a dreamcatcher with the hexagon shape. Beads, feathers, and ribbons can be added to complete the design.

11. Hexagon Photo Frame:

Decorate a plain photo frame with hexagon Perler beads. Display your favourite memories visually with a mosaic around the frame.

12. Hexagon Pendant Necklace:

Make a delicate hexagon pendant necklace using smaller Perler beads. Choose a colour palette or create a gradient effect to add elegance to your jewellery collection.

13. Hexagon Bookmark:

Make a practical and charming hexagon bookmark. Add a whimsical touch to your reading experience by choosing a theme or design that resonates with your favourite books.

14.Hexagon Wall Mirror:

A simple wall mirror can be transformed into a statement piece by framing it with hexagon Perler beads. By experimenting with different colours and arrangements, create a mirror that reflects your unique style.

15 .Hexagon Gift Tags:

Give your gifts a personal touch with hexagon-shaped gift tags. Create a unique and memorable gift by writing a message or drawing a small design on the hexagon bead.

16. Hexagon Sun Catcher:

Utilize natural light with a hexagon-shaped suncatcher. By hanging it in a window, the beads will create a beautiful display of colours and patterns as the sunlight passes through them.

17. Hexagon Bookshelf Décor:

Make your bookshelf stand out with hexagon Perler bead decorations. Arrange hexagons in different sizes and colours on the shelves in a visually appealing pattern.

18. Hexagon Mobile:

Hang a hexagon mobile in a nursery or room for a whimsical touch. Allow the mobile to sway gently and captivate with its mesmerizing charm by experimenting with different shapes and colours.

19. Hexagon Sunburst Wall Art:

Hexagon sunburst wall art makes a bold statement. Create a stunning focal point for any room by arranging hexagons in a sunburst pattern.

20. Hexagon Bracelet:

Make a trendy hexagon bracelet using smaller Perler beads. Add a touch of refinement to your wrist with a monochromatic or multicoloured design.

21. Hexagon Hair Accessories:

With hexagon Perler beads, you can create unique hair accessories. You can add a playful and stylish element to your hairstyles by designing colourful barrettes, hairpins, or headbands.

22. Hexagon Christmas Ornaments:

Make your holiday decorations stand out with hexagon Perler bead ornaments. You can decorate your tree with these charming creations by crafting snowflakes, reindeer, and Christmas trees.

Are Perler Beads for Kids?

There is no doubt that Perler beads are an enjoyable and creative activity for kids. These activities allow children to explore their imaginations, enhance their fine motor skills, and develop concentration and patience. Children can enjoy arranging and fusing Perler beads to create vibrant designs

What is Perler beads real name?

These small plastic beads are called “Perler beads.”. However, the official name for these beads is “fuse beads.” The name “Perler beads” comes from the Perler company, which popularized these beads.

What Age Are Perler Beads for?

Perler beads are suitable for children of all ages but are particularly popular among children between 6 and 12. Children at this stage have developed the fine motor skills to handle small beads and follow basic patterns. With adult supervision, children younger than six can also enjoy Perler beads.

Especially for younger children, adult supervision is always recommended, as the beads can present a choking hazard if swallowed. To prevent accidents, parental guidance is necessary during the fusing process of the beads.

How to Make a 3D Perler Bead Cube?

You can add an further size to your creations by making a 3D Perler bead cube. To make a 3D Perler bead cube, follow these steps:

  1. Gather your materials:
    • Perler beads in various colours
    • Pegboards in a square shape
    • Ironing paper or parchment paper
    • Iron
    • Optional: Clear adhesive or glue (for extra stability)
  1. Plan your design: Decide the colours and patterns you want for your cube. Using different coloured beads, you can create patterns, spell out words, or even create images.
  2. Start beading: On the pegboards, arrange the Perler beads in the shape of a square, creating one face at a time. Consider the number of beads needed for each side when assembling the cube.
  3. Ironing: Using medium heat, iron the ironing paper or parchment paper over the beads. For about 10-20 seconds, iron the beads in a circular motion. All sides should be done in the same way.
  4. Cooling and assembly: Let the fused bead squares cool completely. Remove them from the pegboards once they have cooled. Align the sides and corners of four squares to form a cube.
  5. Optional reinforcement: To keep the squares in place, apply a small amount of clear adhesive or glue to their edges.
  6. Finishing touches: Once the glue has dried completely, your 3D Perler bead cube is ready to display or play with.

Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions when ironing Perler beads and exercise caution when using the iron. Safe ironing requires adult supervision, especially during the ironing process.

Your 3D Perler bead cube will be unique when you let your imagination run wild with different colours and patterns.


Hexagon Perler beads offer endless possibilities for creativity and self-expression. From home decor to fashion accessories, these tiny beads can be transformed into stunning art pieces. The 23 hexagon Perler bead patterns below will provide hours of fun and an opportunity to unleash your imagination, whether you are a beginner or an experienced crafter. With hexagon Perler bead art, you can create your masterpiece by gathering your beads and letting your creativity flow.

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