20 Ice Cream Perler Beads Perfect for Summer: Unleash Your Creativity!

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In the scorching heat of summer, what better way to cool down and embrace the season than with ice cream? You’re in for a treat of a different kind if you’re a fan of creativity and tasty frozen treats! You can express your love for ice cream through art with Perler beads, also known as fuse beads. This article explores 20 ice cream Perler bead designs perfect for summer. With beads, iron, and imagination, let’s dive into this frozen artistic adventure!

 1. Classic Cone:

A classic ice cream cone is a simple yet timeless design. Colour the scoop vibrantly and choose a soft brown shade for the cone. There will never be a fad like this!

 2. Rainbow Swirl:

Embrace the whimsical spirit of summer with a colourful, swirly ice cream cone. Spiralize various hues to create a delightful rainbow effect.

 3. Chocolate Sundae:

It’s hard to resist a delicious chocolate sundae. For the fudge, use dark brown beads, light brown beads for the whipped cream, and red and cherry-coloured beads for the cherry.

 4. Minty Fresh:

Enjoy a refreshing mint ice cream design. Add some chocolate chips and shades of green beads for a minty touch.

 5. Neapolitan Trio:

Make a Perler bead tribute to the classic Neapolitan ice cream trio. To represent strawberry, vanilla, and chocolate flavours, divide your design into three sections using pink, white, and chocolate brown beads.

 6. Waffle Cone Delight:

Create an eye-catching waffle cone with intricate details. Make the cone’s pattern with brown beads and top it with your favourite flavour.

 7. Ice Cream Sandwich:

Ice cream sandwiches are perfect for those who like frozen treats nestled between two cookies. For the cookies, alternate brown beads with light-coloured beads.

 8. Fruit Pop Popsicle:

Make a fruit pop Popsicle design using vibrant fruit flavours. Choose bright beads in shades like orange, red, yellow, and green. Make sure you have a stick with you!

 9. Melting Delight:

Show the delicious messiness of melting ice cream cones. Arrange beads in a cascading pattern to depict the melting scoop and capture the summer heat.

 10. Sundae Toppings Galore:

Showcase various ice cream sundae toppings to create a versatile design. Sprinkles, whipped cream, cherries, and syrups await your favourite frozen treat with colourful beads.

 11. Ice Cream Truck:

Create an ice cream truck with Perler beads. Make the truck body with various colours and decorate it with ice cream cones and popsicles.

 12. Sorbet Sensation:

Bring sorbet’s tangy flavours to life with your Perler beads. Use vibrant pastel shades to represent flavours like raspberry, lemon, and mango.

 13. Soft Serve Swirl:

A swirl design captures the essence of soft-serve ice cream. Recreate the iconic twist cone with vanilla, strawberry, or chocolate shades.

 14. Rocket Pop:

Make a Perler bead version of the classic rocket pop popsicle. Make your patriotic treat using shades of red, white, and blue beads.

 15. Ice Cream Cone Keychain:

By turning your Perler bead creations into keychains, you can turn them into functional accessories. Add a cute ice cream cone design to a keyring for a summer-inspired accessory.

 16. Ice Cream Bar:

Recreate the joy of eating an ice cream bar on a sunny day. Fill it with a bright-coloured interior representing fruity flavours, and use brown beads for the coating.

 17. Tropical Twist:

Perler bead designs featuring exotic fruit-flavoured ice cream will transport you to a tropical paradise. You can use beads in vibrant colours like pineapple yellow, coconut white, and passion fruit purple.

 18. Ice Cream Float:

An ice cream float is the ultimate summer refreshment. Add beads in soda-inspired colours and a scoop of ice cream for the fizzy drink.

 19. Sundae in a Cup:

Display your Perler bead sundae creation in a charming cup instead of a traditional dish. Try different flavours, toppings, and even decorative straws.

 20. Ice Cream Cone Wall Art:

Make beautiful wall art by combining multiple ice cream cone designs. Arrange them in a grid pattern for a delightful addition to your summer decor.

How to make ice cream with Perler beads?

Many designs can be created with Perler beads, including delicious ice cream creations. The purpose of this guide is to describe how to make ice cream with Perler beads, from understanding what they are to melting techniques and assembling 3D designs. Here’s how to make your favourite frozen treat with Perler beads!

What are Perler Beads?

Fuse beads, or Perler beads, are small plastic beads placed on a pegboard to create designs. Colourful beads can be fused when heated, creating a solid and permanent structure.

To make ice cream with Perler beads, you will need:

  • Perler beads in various colours (e.g., brown for the cone, assorted colours for the ice cream)
  • Perler bead pegboard
  • Ironing paper or parchment paper
  • Iron
  • Tweezers (optional)
  • Spray adhesive (optional for 3D designs)

How do you melt Perler beads?

To melt Perler beads and fuse them, follow these steps:

  • Arrange the beads on the pegboard, creating your desired ice cream design. Be sure to leave space between the beads, as they will spread slightly when melted.
  • Once you have completed your design, place a sheet of ironing or parchment paper over the beads to protect both the beads and the iron.
  • Preheat your iron to a medium setting without steam.
  • Place the heated iron on the ironing paper and move it circularly for 10-20 seconds. The heat will cause the beads to melt and fuse.
  • Carefully lift the iron and ironing paper, ensuring the beads have fused uniformly. If there are gaps or unfused beads, place the paper back and apply heat until they fuse completely.
  • Allow the melted beads to cool and solidify before removing the design from the pegboard.

How do you put together 3d Perler beads?

Creating 3D Perler bead designs, such as an ice cream cone, adds an extra dimension to your creations. Follow these steps to assemble a 3D design:

  • Begin by making individual flat Perler bead designs for each component of the 3D ice cream (cone, scoops, toppings, etc.).
  • Once all the flat designs are ironed and cooled, apply a small amount of spray adhesive to one side of each design.
  • Carefully stack and attach the designs, ensuring the adhesive side sticks to the appropriate surfaces. Use tweezers if needed to handle smaller pieces.
  • Allow the adhesive to dry completely, following the instructions provided by the manufacturer.
  • Once the pieces are securely attached, your 3D Perler bead ice cream is ready to be displayed or used as a decorative piece.


With Perler beads, you can express your love for ice cream through creative designs. These 20 ice cream Perler bead ideas are perfect for summer, whether you choose a classic cone, an elaborate ice cream truck, or a tropical twist. So gather your beads, let your imagination run wild, and create frozen treats that will last all season. Celebrate the joy of summer with these delightful Perler bead creations!

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